At Mother of Wilde, we have created some free downloadable art pieces for you to enjoy. Print them for yourself or share them with someone you care about. Our digital art options make for a sentimental gift.

Sunlight in December: A Mother’s Story of Finding the Goodness of God in the Storm of Grief by Kristin Hernandez

In Sunlight in December, Kristin Hernandez authentically expresses the raw emotions that come with grief and invites readers to journey with her as she wrestles with God and discovers His goodness in unexpected places. This powerful memoir dives headfirst into difficult topics such as death, doubt, and seemingly unanswered prayer, all while leaving the reader with encouragement and hope.

If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? If God is good, why did my babies die? Kristin Hernandez found herself asking these questions countless times as she walked through the bitter storm of grief and loss.

Journey for Jasmine and Project Finding Your Rainbow

The project involves the rainbow skirt in the picture going from one loss mom to the next.  You can take pictures with the skirt and then the pictures and stories are shared on the blog and on social media. The purpose of this is to document how women who have dealt with pregnancy/infant loss go on to find their rainbow.  


Isaac's Red Ballon by Asha George

In Isaac’s Red Balloon, Isaac’s brother shares examples of how he copes with the grief of his baby brother dying. The beautiful rhythmic rhyme and illustrations bring to life the tender heart of the character. Isaac’s Red Balloon will help children and adults talk about their feelings and inspire them to find unique ways to connect with the special ones they have lost. Isaac’s Red Balloon is a heartwarming story about hope, family, and a love that never dies.

Portions of the proceeds from the book sales will be donated to assist parents who cannot afford a headstone for their child at the cemetery where Isaac is buried. 

And if You Can't by Sydney Hatcher

Inclusive and comforting. The last story I wish I could have read to my daughter before she entered heaven. A story filled with enchanted endurance gracefully given by a caregiver and the lesser-known tail of lovingly letting go.


Carmen: "The PICU Baby" A Journey of Medicine & Miracles by Sydney Hatcher

This is the story of my daughter, Carmen, who lived in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Fairfax Hospital. She was born at 34 weeks gestation after a fairly normal pregnancy. Four days after birth, Carmen received the first of many diagnoses that altered her life forever. Despite her health challenges, Carmen became the one who truly altered lives. This is Carmen's story, but it will forever be my song.