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This is the downloadable eBook. We do offer a physical copy of this book. You can order it here.

In "Wandering the Wilderness: A Christian Guide for Mothers Who Have Experienced Pregnancy and Infant Loss”, we will dive into the complexities of grief and the questions it inevitably raises. We will explore the concept of hope, deeply rooted in our faith, and learn practical ways to nurture it.


In each chapter, you will find inspiration and spiritual insight. We will explore the Christian perspective on loss and healing, drawing wisdom from the pages of the Bible, and the experiences of those who walked through seasons of wilderness before us. I pray this eBook encourages you to choose hope, find new ways to honor your child, and refines your faith in Christ.


Wandering the Wilderness was written by Moria Rooney, Co-Founder of Mother of Wilde.




Chapter 1: Grieving with God

Chapter 2: Holding onto Hope

Chapter 3: Prayers for Healing

Chapter 4: From Death to Life

Chapter 5: Suffer with Christ

Chapter 6: Honoring your Child

Chapter 7: Joy and Sorrow

Chapter 8: Purpose in Pain

Chapter 9: Trusting God’s Plan

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Wandering the Wilderness eBook

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