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Once you place your order, you will be prompted on how to upload your photo.


Photo taking tips:

Photo should be against a white or light solid backdrop. The goal is to be on the same level as the child’s eyes. You shouldn’t see lots of the top of their head or of the underside of their chin. Their shoulders should be perpendicular to you. Neutral expressions usually turn out the best, with no smile. Be sure their neck can be seen. 


Please do your very best to follow these tips as they will result in the best silhouette. We will use that photograph to hand draw your child’s silhouette.


***If your child has passed away and you are making a silhouette based on photos you've previously taken, we can try to make that work as well. 


All of our birth art prints come in classic black and white. After you fill out the personalization details and place your order, you will then be prompted on how to upload your photo. 


A portion of your purchase will be donated to organizations that are giving and spreading hope. 

Have any questions? Refer to our FAQ or contact us here.

Custom Child Silhouette Print

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