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  • Size 11x14 prints.
  • Paper is 216gsm card stock with a textured, neutral-white finish. A medium weight with a linen feel. Our paper is acid-free and lignin-free, making it highly resistant to aging.
  • Free shipping in USA.
  • All orders are final.
  • Made in Honor of our son, Noah Wilde. For every print purchased, we donate to families going through child loss.


Are you coping with regret after an abortion? Having an abortion can cause a number of emotions. Usually, women feel lonely, angry, regret, guilty, sadnesses, and depressed weeks or even years after their choice. Our pro-life ministry offers remembrance prints to mothers who have had an abortion and wish they could turn back the hands of time. God loves you and we do too. Each 11" x 14" remembrance print comes with baby's last name, Bible scripture, and 20+ choices of floral photo background. We offer many floral options for background photos. You can click here to view them.


Our prints are a beautiful way to honor your baby and offer hope that you can see them again one day. Don't walk with shame or guilt anymore. Please reach out to us via the Contact page if you need additional prayer or support resources.

At Mother of Wilde, we believe life begins at conception and even the smallest of lives deserve to be celebrated. We believe that every life is worth honoring because every life is a gift from our Creator. We, also, believe that your baby is with Jesus in Heaven.


Did you know? Roe vs. Wade was decided before ultrasounds were routinely used in most prenatal examinations for women.
Since then, we now have evidence that shows babies in the womb:

  • Suck their thumbs
  • Feel Pain
  • Smile when comfortable or stimulated
  • Respond to light and music
  • Develop food preferences and sensitivities
  • Recognize their mother's voice

Abortion Regret Keepsake