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What is an appropriate gift for a family who had a miscarriage?

Looking for loss gifts for someone you love who is grieving can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? A sympathy necklace with their child's name engraved? A plant? A custom wind chime? Charitable donation in their baby's name? If you're looking for that perfect remembrance gift for a bereaved mom or dad, you've come to the right place.

Our photo prints are a very sentimental gift for parents who have lost a pregnancy. A custom memorial art piece is something that parents will hang up in their home and cherish for a lifetime. Our premium prints are a timeless sympathy gift for grieving dads because they are a beautiful reminder of your loved one.

They come in 11x14 size and display a photo, bible verse or quote, and a few special details - including name, date and location. Many of our bereaved parents, have chosen to use their pregnancy announcement, ultrasound photo, a maternity picture, or a photo that reminds them of their little one. If the bereaved parents have yet to choose a name, or the sex of the child is unknown, we typically use Baby and include the parents' last name. Ex: Baby Rooney

On our stillbirth templates, you can include the child's photo and personal details - including birthdate, length, weight, time of birth, and location of birth. We print photos of all gestational age. Photos of your little one born in any trimester can be lovingly printed. We know how important photos are to you. We feel privileged that you would consider our art pieces for yourself or for someone you love.

It only takes a few minutes to get started on a personalized miscarriage print. Simply send your photo over, answer a few quick questions, and let us do the rest. Prints are shipped in 2-3 business days. Your print can, also, be shipped straight to the parents experiencing loss and include a personalized note inside. We hope you consider our special heart to heart gifts for miscarriages and loss. Click here to start creating a print for someone you love.


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