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Sympathy gifts, bereavement gifts, and condolence gifts for loss parents

Mother of Wilde's creative team made sentimental memorial gift for new parents in St. Augustine, Florida. These loss parents chose our Bereaved Parent Print, one of our most popular designs. to honor their son, Levi Wesley Carter.

Levi was born on December 14, 2021 at 10:26am. He weighed 4lbs and 8oz and measured 19in long.

Our team took the birth picture of Levi and gently blurred the hospital background so that his face was the main focus of the print. We then added all of his birth personalization to the print and adjusted the photo to black and white, instead of color.

Take a look at the entire creative and printing process. Here's Levi's original photo, the design prior to printing, then the final 11"x14" printed product.

If you're looking to create a baby remembrance print of your very own, we'd be honored to help you. Shop our prints here. Did you know our company was actually started after we experienced the loss of our son? Our second son, Noah Wilde, was stillborn on March 9, 2021. Since Noah's birth, we've made hundreds of child remembrance prints for parents who have experienced stillbirth, pregnancy and child loss.

Custom memorial print of a stillborn baby

Baby remembrance print of a stillborn boy

Mother of Wilde makes sympathy gifts, bereavement gifts, and condolence gifts for loss parents. Located just outside of Topsail Beach, North Carolina, their faith-based ministry will print babies of all gestational ages. Mother of Wilde has a bigger mission than just printing. For every purchase, they donate back to a family who has lost a child.

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