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Praise God for friends that grieve with you

Yesterday I went to a fellowship and fundraiser for a pal’s ministry. Roman wasn’t feeling great, kind of snotty, so I left him with Brian to nap and quickly went by. A few of my good friends were there, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I mingled for a bit, laughed, and snuggled up on my friend's babies.

As the fundraiser started, a remark comes from a pal walking up to the circle of moms. “Oh, here we have the mama corner. You have 4”, he proceeds to say to my friend. “You have 3”, he proceeds to say to my other friend.

And he stops at me and says nothing.

I stand there looking at my friends with their babies wrapped in their hands, sleeping in their cozy wraps on mama's chest, and I think of my sweet Noah. He was born after one of them and before the other. He should be right there with me, resting peacefully on my chest but instead I’m here holding babies that aren’t mine.

As I attempt to not sink into a puddle of tears, my friend looks at me and says assertively, “And you have two!”

This is child loss.

You never know when it’s going to hit you. You never know when things will get you emotional. You see the world with a new lens. But one thing I do know is praise God for friends that grieve with you. Abigail Elizabeth, you are a true gift. Click here to read more of our blogs for child loss, miscarriage and stillbirth. All of our blogs are written by Mother of Wilde's Founder, Moria Rooney. Moria is based in Hampstead, North Carolina and has been married to her husband, Brian, for 7 years. Together they have two boys, Roman, who is almost 2, and Noah, who was born into heaven.

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