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Offering comfort and support to newly bereaved parents

It is difficult to know what to say to someone who has lost a baby. Depending on whether they had a stillbirth, miscarriage, or lost a child at an older age, you may start researching your initial questions to better understand and empathize with their tragedy. Coming from a mom who had a stillbirth in March 2021, there are no right things to say; but I can certainly appreciate friends and family that have wanted to educate themselves as we grieve our son.

Here are some questions to better understand miscarriage:

  • What is a miscarriage?

  • What causes miscarriage?

  • How long does a miscarriage last?

  • What does a miscarriage feel like?

Here are some questions to better understand stillbirth:

  • How do I offer stillbirth support?

  • What are the signs of stillbirth?

  • What causes a baby to be stillborn?

  • How do you honor a stillborn baby?

These may be just a few of the questions you Google after hearing about the loss of a child. Regardless of the age of the child at death, there are some things we all should know - what to say to a loved one, how to honor their baby, and what to give someone who lost a child.

Mother of Wilde can help with care packages and resources for those suffering a loss. Our baby memorial gifts and stillbirth gifts offer comfort and support to newly bereaved parents and grandparents. We connect daily with families that have lost a child and offer hope in heartache. All of our keepsakes are completely custom to each child. Learn more about our ministry's mission and how we support bereaved mothers and fathers.

Newborn baby boy drinking out of a bottle

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