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"My Son Died In my Stomach Just Before He was Born."

The loss of a baby at almost six months pregnant brings special challenges, including the trauma of giving birth to your son or daughter – and it doesn't help that stillbirth is so rarely discussed.

New parents should be cradling their baby's body in their arms, not scattering their dusty grey ashes in an intimate, tranquil spot.

But instead newly bereaved mothers are left with engorged breasts meant to nurse a child that is no longer living. And newly bereaved fathers are left with empty arms full of pain and society's skewed idea that they must remain strong for their family.

As mother of a son born sleeping, talking about losing a baby doesn't come easily. I am far from alone and with thousands of mothers and fathers undergoing a similar trauma, it is deeply concerning that the subject of stillbirth remains something that tends to be swept under the carpet.

It is widely presumed that everything will go to plan from the moment a pregnancy test comes back positive.

You've more than likely heard the "12-week rule", that encourages new parents to keep their pregnancies a secret from the moment they find out they are expecting until the start of 12 weeks (the second trimester).

Picture of a stillborn baby girl in a frame on a couch

This mentality trivializes child loss that happens in the first trimester, leaving parents to grieve a child before they even got the opportunity to share the joy of expecting.

If your child dies in your second trimester of pregnancy, when you are visibly pregnant, have shared that you are expecting a child, and are contemplating maternity leave, you are faced with almost the opposite issue.

Whether you like it or not, or openly want to share, you have to disclose that your child passed away - sharing with family, close friends to colleagues. Although pregnancy loss and stillbirth happens in devastating numbers, many people still don't know what to say or do to support someone who has lost a child.

Mother of Wilde, was founded after my husband and I unexpectedly lost our second son. We had a normal pregnancy - text book pregnancy if you will.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant, I stopped feeling him move. When we went in to the hospital to make sure he was okay they told us his heart stopped and he was no longer alive.

Stillborn photo of a 36 week baby in a frame beside a candle

Our son Noah Wilde Rooney was born on March 9, 2021.

3 months after his birth, our North Carolina ministry was birthed. In a little over a year we have connected with over 400 families that have lost a child and created remembrance prints of their children for them.

Some families lost a child after years of infertility.

Some families lost a child in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Some families lost a child in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Some families lost a child in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Some families lost a child shortly before birth.

Some families lost a child shortly after birth.

Some families lost a child due to a life limiting diagnosis.

Some families lost a child due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Some families lost a child due to accidents.

Some families lost a child in their toddler years.

Some families lost a child due to abortion.

Whatever the story, we believe each story deserves to be shared. At Mother of Wilde, we believe that even the smallest of lives deserve to be celebrated.

We believe that every life is worth honoring and celebrating.

Mother of Wilde has a deep desire to help you honor your child's memory and that's why we offer over 30 baby and child remembrance prints for families.

Baby picture in a frame of a boy born sleeping in the arms of his mom

Our miscarriage memorials include your child's name, birth flower (or floral background of your choice), scripture. and other words of encouragement.

Our stillbirth and child loss memorials include your child's name, photo, birth details, scripture and other words of hope.

Most of our bereavement prints include biblical scripture but we do offer a variety of non-religious designs for families.

We would be extremely honored to create a print to honor your child or create a keepsake for someone that you love. Shop our selection of personalized memorial baby and child prints here.

Up close baby remembrance print with baby's birth details

Our name Mother of Wilde represents God's love for us. Gifting us the miracle of children. We believe that even through child loss, God is at work in everything in our lives. We choose to seek Him and to bring all our cares to Him because we know that He sees us, He hears us and, most importantly, He loves us. 

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