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Initial Days of Grief - After Losing Your Son or Daughter

After the loss of my son, Noah, I began a journey of healing through helping others in their own grief by sharing my testimony as well as leading mothers to grow a closer relationship to God.

In our community and through our blog, we talk honestly about the initial days of grief. The days where you are left feeling exposed, raw, and broken.

We talk about the initial days of grief that have us questioning God and His plan for our lives.

My mind looked like this in the initial days of grief.

This feels like a bad dream.

How is my husband doing?

Why Noah, God?

Why my family?

I think I'm going to be sick.

When's the last time I showered?

How did I not feel him stop moving sooner?

Did my dad make the funeral arrangements?

How do I explain Noah died to our other son?

Clearly, the nurses forgot to remind me about my milk coming in.

Maybe they did remind me and I was just too out of it.

Did I not pray hard enough for a miracle?

Was Noah in pain when he died?

How did my body not know that life inside of me had died?

I wonder when the autopsy report will come back.

Why did we even get conceive?

Why didn't they keep me in the hospital?

Will my husband's faith be shaken?

Will my faith be shaken?

Maybe you have had some of these same questions after losing a child.

At Mother of Wilde, we believe in redemptive healing after child loss. We believe in redemptive healing that doesn't have to come after years of brokenness and deep emotional and physical pain.

Our ministry provides hope and encouragement to bereaved parents struggling with past and present pain of losing a son or daughter.

We believe in the abundant power of prayer to truly change lives. We, also, believe that healing can only be obtained through transparency and acknowledgement of our pain and trauma.

Our testimonies tell our stories. But the greatest story they should tell is the one of Christ. Our testimonies help us heal. But our greatest healer is Christ.

Some of the most comforting words in the world are, "me too". That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else's struggle, that you're not alone, and that others have been down the same road.

For me, I've been on seen many sides of grief - from miscarriage at 9 weeks, to losing a child before delivery. No matter what the season, none of it seemed fair at the time. But I've found growth and redemption in each of them, through the suffering.

Blooming in dark places.

Connect with our online community as we come together as Christ-loving women, stepping away from the busy kids, the busy schedules, and the constant stretch of.

Connect with other like-minded women, who have also lost children, who desire to fill our cups in order to continue pouring into everyone else's back home.

Our community hopes to rekindle a newfound purpose in your heart, reminder of your identity and above all else a more genuine connection with the Father. God is waiting on the other side of the door to welcome you back into a life of true fulfillment.

Physically Noah isn't with me but I know where his soul is. There is incredible comfort in knowing that. Death and eternity.

One is inevitable for everyone, one available to everyone.

This article was written by Moria Rooney, Christ-follower, wife, mother and Founder of Mother of Wilde. Moria is based out of Wilmington, North Carolina and has been married to her husband, Brian, for 8 years. Together, they have three children - Roman, who turns 3 in January, Noah, who was stillborn at 35 weeks, and they are currently expecting their first daughter, Eden in December 2022.

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