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Infant Loss Memorial for Eleanor Kay | Placental Abruption at 31 Weeks | Roscoe, Montana

What an honor it was to create this Stillbirth Keepsake for the new parents of Eleanor Kay, who was unexpectedly born sleeping on May 8, 2022 at 31 weeks. Here is Eleanor Kay's story.

Mother of Eleanor Kay:

"Ellie was to be our second born, another baby we were not expected to be able to have. My husband had testicular cancer and was diagnosed “infertile,” so both of our children were the biggest blessings.

We found out we were expecting just before Halloween. I have high risk pregnancies due a uterine abnormality, but everything aside from that continued to check out. El’s due date was July 9th, but on May 7th at 31 weeks we found out that she was gone due to placental abruption.

I had been to the ER twice in the 3 weeks leading up to her birth for contractions and cramping, but did not receive an ultrasound. The last time I got to see her alive was 11 weeks prior at our anatomy scan. Adding to the pain of our loss, I gave birth to her on Mother’s Day this year, making me a twice a mama with only one living baby. We miss her everyday, but it is so sweet hearing my son say “Ellie” when he points to something of hers."

Our creative team took the original photo that was sent of Eleanor in the hospital, blurred the background, and zoomed in to ensure that she was the main focus of the print.

All of our infant loss memorials come with:

The option to include a blurred background and a gentle facial retouching. The gentle retouching is a good option for any babies who are still born that may have little specs of blood, bruising from birth, or skin changes on their face. Our editing is performed as gently as possible to ensure that all of the sweet characteristics of your baby don't change, and they look exactly how you remember.

Eleanor's 11" x 14" remembrance print came customized with:

  • first and middle name

  • date of birth

  • meaning of her name

  • all of her intimate birth details

  • bible scripture

  • and more

This stillbirth memorial included a well-known verse from Jeremiah 1:5. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." For Christian families, this scripture This personalized print is now headed to Roscoe, Montana.

31 week old stillborn baby girl in mothers arms

Every child memorial is extremely special to us and we know the sentimental weight they hold. All stories of loss impact us to our core. After the sudden and unexpected death of our son in March 2021, we started Mother of Wilde's ministry to share the hope of Jesus and bring awareness to pregnancy and infant loss.

31 week old stillborn baby girl in mothers arms

Mother of Wilde's ministry offers beautiful stillbirth memorial gifts for families that have a baby born sleeping. Each of our prints is created and designed in remembrance of our son, Noah Wilde. We hope our platform is a voice of hope and source of biblical support for families that make up the loss community. We offer affordable child loss memorials as well as free memorials for anyone that has lost a child.

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