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"We Had Three Pregnancy Losses in 6 Months."

Mother of Haberkorn Babies:

"After three normal pregnancies resulting in our three living daughters, we were shocked to find out our fourth baby had died at our 15 week ultrasound.

Our first son. We then lost another baby at 6 weeks pregnant, and then another at 5 weeks pregnant. We had three pregnancy losses in six months.

We are so happy to get to hang this miscarriage print in our home to keep the memories of the babies we have lost alive and a topic of conversation in our family."

woman holding a frame of a multiple miscarriage memorial

Are you looking for miscarriage gift ideas? A miscarriage gift for a friend? Or miscarriage gifts for mom and dad?

Having a hard time finding an appropriate gift after miscarriage? Mother of Wilde offers multiple miscarriage gift ideas that show you care.

When someone you love loses a baby in the first trimester or second trimester of pregnancy, it's only natural for you to want to help in some way.

The healing process is different for each mom and dad, so it may be difficult for you to know what is a good gift to give and when to give it - especially if the parents have had recurrent pregnancy loss.

Maybe you've considered a card, flowers, a miscarriage necklace for mom, or even dropping off dinner. I encourage anyone who knows someone that has lost a baby because of a miscarriage to step up and offer kind words, a hug, or, if you feel compelled, give a small sentimental gift of remembrance.

A small gift can brighten their day and allows your bereaved friend or loved one to know that they're on your mind and their baby.

There's something incredibly special and beautiful about gifting a remembrance print to parents that have had an early pregnancy loss or recurrent miscarriage.

At Mother of Wilde, we offer personal and meaningful remembrance prints for anyone that has experienced a miscarriage or multiple losses.

Our multiple loss memorial gift comes in size 11" x 14" and is completely personalized. It includes the option of over 20 different floral backgrounds to choose from.

If you have any questions about our gifts for miscarriage and pregnancy loss, don't hesitate to reach out. All of our prints ship from North Carolina 2-3 days after your order is placed.

Floral print of a miscarriage memorial with child's information on it

Mother of Wilde is a well known Christian ministry in the baby loss community. Their custom child memorials offer a beautiful, yet delicate way to display your child's picture and their birth details in your home for years to come. Their ministry was started by husband and wife, Brian and Moria Rooney, after the tragic death of their son, Noah. Noah Wilde Rooney was born sleeping on March 9, 2021 and their ministry began only three short months after his birth.

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