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"I Gave Birth to my Daughter at 15 Weeks Because of a Subchorionic Hemorrhage."

Mother of Esmé:

“At 15 weeks I lost my baby, Esmé, because of a subchorionic hemorrhage that never healed.

I birthed two clots the sized of softballs before I birthed her.

I had to push her out.

I feel like miscarriage is a misnomer.

I got to hold her for about 2 hours then had to say goodbye.

She was born without a heartbeat but the doctors said I had no need to stay physically.

I didn't know my options so I let them keep her and I guess dispose of her.

They don't see them as babies.

No one told me the time she was born or her birth details.”

15 week old baby memorial in a frame

Our ministry, Mother of Wilde, will always recognize that life starts at conception.

We believe even the smallest of lives deserve to be celebrated. We believe that

every life is worth honoring because every life is a gift from our Creator.

We see the most intimate photos of babies at all ages. Images from home births to hospital births. Babies that fit in mom's arms to babies that fit in mom's hand like little Esmé.

We are in awe at God's creation of His children. His love is woven into the tiniest of details. Our babies are created with intentionality that continues to point to their Creator.

At Mother of Wilde, our pregnancy and infant loss memorials are specifically created with bereaved mothers and fathers in mind. Our faith-based prints come personalized to your child, no matter the gestational age they were born.

We do our very best to showcase and highlight all of their tiny features in our custom baby memorials.

When you purchase a custom print from our ministry it will include your favorite photo of your child and all of their intimate birth details like name, weight, length, and more.

Babies of all gestational ages can be lovingly printed on our loss memorials. This includes from the moment you found out you were pregnant with your sweet baby.

As a loss mother myself, I wanted to include a few add-on options for other families to take advantage of in their memorials.

My second son, Noah Wilde, was still born and when he was born at 35 weeks, he had some bruising and skin changes on his face, hands, and feet. His face was starting to darken slightly due to not being alive in the womb for 24 hours.

Many stillborn babies have tears in the skin. It's, also, very common that the lips are very dark and parts of the face may also have parts of blue or red.

Because of this, we offer a gentle facial retouching option for all of our stillbirth memorials.

Another option we are happy to offer in all of our child remembrance prints is the ability to include a blurred background. This option is good for images that may want to remove the background noise - like the hospital room, wires or anything else that prevents your child from being the main focus of the print.

We can't put into words how humbled we are for being trusted with pregnancy loss portraits and stillbirth memorials.

Mom holding her trisomy 18 baby in the NICU that is hooked up to wires

Mother of Wilde is a Christian ministry that creates customized child remembrance memorials. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and founded by husband and wife team, Brian and Moria Rooney. Their ministry started only three months after their son Noah was stillborn. Mother of Wilde's memorials are meant to be a reminder of the hope we have in Christ while aiming to remember and honor the children in heaven.

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