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How could a loving God take my baby away from me?

I lost my son, Brayden at 38 weeks. His cause of death is still unknown. I went into the hospital on August 2nd due to his decreased movements. The doctors were able to find a faint heartbeat and told me they had a chance to do an emergency C section, but they chose not to.

I lost my son that day because of their decision.

3D/4D ultrasound photo of baby boy

20 week ultrasound of baby boy

Brayden was my first and only child. At the beginning of his death, I felt hopeless. I blamed God. I was angry, frustrated, and confused.

How could a loving God take my baby away from me?

I grew him in my womb for 9 months to have him taken away from me.

What was God saying to me?

Did I do something wrong to offend him?

I didn’t want to pray, watch church, or have anyone talk to me about God until about 2 months ago. I learned that I cannot harden my heart towards God. There is purpose in my pain. In due time, I will know the reason behind Brayden’s death, but until then I will continue to put my faith and trust in him.

Mother holding her pregnant belly

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