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"God Kept His Promise and Breathed Life Into My Son."

Mother of Three Babies in Heaven:

My husband and I lost our first baby in 2014 just three days before I graduated college.

We lost our second child, a baby girl, in 2016 when I just began law school.

I experienced this tragic loss while sitting in the bathroom of my husband’s hospital room.

He had just been admitted to the cardiac unit because doctors could not figure out what was going on with his heart. The following year in 2017 we conceived our son, Isaac. Isaac was expected to be born in February of 2018.

Instead, he came at just 26 weeks in November of 2017.

He came into the world weighing less than 2lbs.

He spent 116 days in the NICU.

In the time, he contracted RSV and developed pneumonia and a staph infection.

He was placed on life support and doctors prepared us for goodbyes.

But God had a huge miracle in store for us.

He kept His promise and breathed life into my son.

When I was pregnant with him, God led me to the name Isaac.

And I am now very clear that Isaac is truly our promised son just as Isaac was the promise to Abraham and Sarah.

We conceived again in January of 2021, unfortunately that sweet child did not make it earth side.

After battling infertility and being told that surrogacy was the best option for us to have another child, I am currently expecting a baby girl due this spring.

God truly has the final say so.

There is no miracle that He cannot perform.

Mom holding daughter with Caudal Regression Syndrome

This blog was written by Carrita Flie from Chicago, Illinois. Carrita and her husband, John, have four children together; Isaac, who is earth-side, three babies in heaven, and they are currently expecting a daughter.


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