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Gifts For Someone Who Had a Miscarriage

I'm terribly sorry for whatever circumstances have brought you here searching for sympathy gifts. Perhaps, you have recently lost a baby or you have a close friend or family member that has lost a baby.

As a mother who has experienced child loss at 9 weeks and stillbirth at 35 weeks, I understand the heartbreak.

I understand the grief, the pain, and even the denial, at times. It can be unbearable, especially days, weeks, and months after your baby dies.

One of the reasons, Mother of Wilde's Christian ministry began was to offer support and hope to grieving parents who have lost a child from miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.

What's a good gift for someone who miscarried?

When someone close to you loses a baby in the first or second trimester, you might feel a little helpless. Simply being there for them and listening is a thoughtful way to show you care.

What to do for someone who had a miscarriage?

Reaching out to the mother and father who recently lost a baby to offer your condolences is always our first recommendation. But if words feel like they aren't enough, giving a gift to someone who had a miscarriage can be a meaningful idea.

Miscarriage Keepsake Print - $44

miscarriage sympathy gift in a frame

This baby memorial is a sentimental sympathy gift for anyone you love going through a miscarriage

This floral photo print is a beautiful way to display your baby in your home. It displays the date you found out you were pregnant or your child's heavenly birthday and your last name.

Mother of Wilde offers over 20 additional floral background images for our baby memorials. You can view them here. If you are looking for a honor a baby who passed away early in pregnancy, this is a good option.

Birth Flower Remembrance Print - $44

sympathy gift for miscarriage

This Birth Flower Remembrance Print is a special condolence gift for any bereaved parents.

This miscarriage gift comes with the child's birth flower month or expected due date as the background photo.

January - Carnation

February - Primrose

March - Daffodil

April - Daisy

May - Lily of the Valley

June - Rose

July - Water Lily

August - Poppy

September - Aster

October - Marigold

November - Chrysanthemum

December - Holly

"Including memorials for early pregnancy loss is so important to us. We never had any photos or special things to remember our first baby so we pray these prints bring you as much comfort as they do for us." – Moria Rooney, Loss Mom and Founder of Mother of Wilde

Multiple Loss Memorial Gift - $44

Sympathy gift for recurrent miscarriage

This sympathy gift shows love and

support for those enduring recurrent pregnancy loss and recurrent miscarriage.

Multiple miscarriage happens in 15-20% of pregnancy and shockingly early losses that occur before a missed period, range from 30-50%. Mothers who have a history of two or more previous losses, the risk of yet another miscarriage increases to about 40%.

This bereavement gift includes each of the baby's names, if parents have chosen one, and special dates displayed on one print. It, also, comes customized with your choice of scripture and the words, "Because someone we love is in heaven, there's a little piece of heaven in our home."

Grieving the Loss of a Child

At Mother of Wilde, we walk with families who have lost a child as they learn to navigate their pain and grief while bringing hope and healing. Parents and families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death can preserve memories in our personalized child memorials.


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