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Gentle Facial Editing for Stillborn Babies

At Mother of Wilde, we lovingly create memorial prints for babies of all gestational ages. Each memorial print is created to honor the precious lives that were briefly with us.

Regardless of gestational age, we approach every project with deep compassion and understanding, recognizing the unique journey each family has traveled. We work meticulously to capture the essence of these tiny souls, ensuring that every detail is handled with utmost respect and tenderness.

In the delicate realm of memorializing stillborn babies, Mother of Wilde offers a gentle facial retouching as a compassionate way to offer comfort to grieving families.

This editing technique is a subtle art, aiming not to erase the unique features of the baby's face but to soften the impact of bruises, skin tears, or blood discolorations.

stillborn memorial of daughter in a black frame

After a baby is stillborn, the skin undergoes natural changes. Initially, the skin may appear mottled or bluish due to a lack of oxygen circulation.

By employing a gentle touch, we can delicately enhance the baby's appearance, ensuring that the natural essence of the child remains intact. This process doesn't involve overediting but instead focuses on softening the photo, creating a tender and peaceful representation of the baby.

Mother of Wilde highlights their precious features through gentle facial retouching and allows parents to cherish a photograph that encapsulates the purity and beauty of their little one.

Mother holding her stillborn son in her hands and wrapped in a  blanket

Another thoughtful addition to custom birth prints or baby memorials is the blurred background option.

This editing technique gracefully removes distracting elements from the background, such as hospital equipment or sterile surroundings, placing the focus solely on the baby.

By applying a gentle blur, the background fades into a soft backdrop, allowing the baby to emerge as the central and most prominent feature of the print. This artistic choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the photograph but also creates a sense of intimacy and warmth. This option ensures that the baby is showcased with the utmost grace and dignity, even in a hospital setting.

Newborn baby with life limiting diagnosis laying on mom's chest
Newborn baby girl with life limiting diagnosis laying on her moms chest

As bereaved parents, ourselves, we deeply understand the significance of the photos of babies who have passed away. We recognize how sacred the photos of our children are for grieving families.

We respect the intimate nature of these memories and understand the need for privacy during such sensitive times. We are more than happy to honor the wishes of families who prefer to keep their children's photos, stories, and memorial keepsakes private. Respecting their choice, we ensure that the memories of their little ones remain protected and confidential.

Our commitment lies not only in creating beautiful and meaningful memorials but also in providing a safe space for families to navigate their grief without any added burden. By offering this understanding and support, we hope to bring a sense of comfort and reassurance to those who entrust us with the cherished task of preserving their baby's memory.

Woman holding a memorial print of her baby in a frame

Mother of Wilde creates custom birth stat prints and baby loss memorials. Located in Hampstead, North Carolina, they personalize keepsakes for miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss and more. Each print is made with premium materials and completely customized to your baby. A portion of your purchase is donated to supporting families that have experienced pregnancy and infant loss

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