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Download Your Free Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Keepsakes

My heart goes out to any parents that have lost a child. Whether it's been days, weeks, months, or years. I'm sorry, I understand, and I wish I could take all of your pain away..

As a mother who had early miscarriage at 9 weeks and stillbirth of our second child at 35 weeks, I wanted to be sure that our ministry had free memorial keepsakes to honor their babies. I, myself, couldn't imagine spending a fortune on a memorial print, so I ended up making one to honor our son, Noah, and offering them to other bereaved parents - absolutely free of charge.

Free Downloadable Child Loss Print in frame

  • How do I remember my miscarried baby?

  • What to get for someone who has lost a baby?

  • How do you memorialize a stillborn baby?

Our no cost keepsakes can be instantly downloaded here and printed for yourself or gifted in memory of a loved one. We offer a variety of faith-based resources and memorial gifts that provide comfort and help you remember your baby.

The majority of our bereavement prints are neutral colors with modern script font being used for the wording. We, also, offer other creatives that show Jesus holding a baby and a pregnant mother holding her baby belly. These prints are offered in a few different options for baby's skin complexion and, also, for the mother's skin complexion.

Free baby memorial print in a frame on a table

Where do I download Mother of Wilde's free baby memorials?

Click here to browse all of the memorials we offer.

How do I download get the free memorial prints?

After you place your order, your memorials will be emailed to you with a link on how to instantly download. You can download them as many times as you want and the print sizes range from 11" x 14" and 8" x 10". Gift our free downloadable memorial prints to dad, mom, grandparents, friends, and more.

Where can I take this memorial and get it printed?

Quickly print the child memorials in the comfort of your own home or easily take them to a professional printing company in your area like Staples, OfficeMax or Office Depot.

What paper should I print my free loss memorial?

Our recommendation is choosing a heavier weighted paper like cardstock. If you decide to take your memorial to a professional print shop, ask better quality paper and consider a matte or satin finish.

Each print is handmade with love by myself, the mother and Founder behind Mother of Wilde; a stay-at-home mama here in Hampstead, North Carolina. Please support our woman-owned ministry and share our free resources to anyone that is grieving their child.

Free baby remembrance print written in cursive font

Mother of Wilde provides free miscarriage keepsakes, pregnancy loss keepsakes, and child remembrance keepsakes for bereaved parents experiencing the death of a child. Our downloadable prints are given to families at no charge. We hope our resources are a helpful way to remember their baby who is in heaven.

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