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Daughter Remembrance Print | Claire Rebekah | Ontario, Canada

What a joy it was to create this hope-filled baby memorial print for the parents of this beautiful baby girl. Claire Rebekah Rose was born on November, 14, 2019 and her parents decided to honor her with our most popular keepsake - the Classic Biblical Birth Print.

This memorial print to honor their daughter came customized with her:

  • name

  • birthdate

  • meaning of name

  • time of birth

  • birth length

  • birth weight

  • birth stone

  • birth flower

  • season of birth

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep took the stillborn photography of Claire.

This stillbirth memorial keepsake includes bible scripture from Jeremiah 1:5 which reads, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

Every infant loss memorial is completely personalized to honor your son or daughter that has passed away. Our prints are intimate gifts for any bereaved moms or bereaved dads that have experienced stillbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, SIDS, or early infant loss. We print images of babies that fit in the palm of your hand to babies that fit in your arms. Babies of any gestational ages can be printed.

If you are looking to create or gift a baby memorial, please consider Mother of Wilde. With every purchase we donate back to families that have lost a baby.

Woman standing on a dirt road in a red dress

Mother of Wilde makes child remembrance prints and gifts. Their ministry is Christ-centered, family-owned and based Wilmington, North Carolina. Founded by a bereaved parents who struggled with infertility, lost a baby at 9 weeks, and lost their second son at 35 weeks.


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