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Create a Customized Memorial to Honor Your Child

Losing a child is a heart-wrenching experience that leaves a void in our lives that can never be filled. But, amidst the sadness and grief, we hold on to the memories of our little ones and the joy they brought into our lives. One way to honor and preserve those memories is through a child memorial print.

Mother of Wilde makes personalized child memorial prints for families that have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss.

memorial of a stillborn baby in a frame

A child memorial print is a piece of artwork that serves as a lasting tribute to the life and memory of a child who has passed away. This makes the print unique and personal to the child and their family.

Some families choose to have child memorial prints created to commemorate the child's birthday, anniversary of their passing, or other special occasions. Others may use the print as a way to create a legacy, passing it down from generation to generation as a way to keep the memory of the child alive.

Mother of Wilde's memorial prints come customized with:

  • child's name

  • birthdate

  • meaning of name

  • birth stats

  • birthstone

  • birth flower

  • and more

stillborn memorial print

Each of our prints are size 11" x 14" and completely customized to your child. Each memorial is produced on premium cardstock - making it highly resistent to aging.

Our ink-jet printing paired with our textured, matte cardstock brings out all of your child's little features with incredible resolution and color consistency. Mother of Wilde was created for bereaved parents by bereaved parents. That's why we lovingly print photos of babies at all gestational ages and, also, include an option for gentle facial retouching.

One of our main goals of this business is to use what God has blessed us with to bless others. One way we do that is by giving a portion of our proceeds to organizations that are spreading and giving hope to others going through pregnancy and infant loss.

Customized birth stat print in a wooden frame

Mother of Wilde's Christian ministry began in Wilmington, North Carolina after the unexpected passing of our son in 2021. They've since shipped over 500 birth prints and memorials across the country and, even, internationally. A portion of each print purchase is donated to organizations that give hope to those who need it most.

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