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Create a Birth Stats Print from Mother of Wilde

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion that forever changes the lives of parents and loved ones. It's a time filled with emotions, excitement, and the desire to capture every precious detail of the little one's birth. One beautiful way to commemorate this milestone is by creating a custom birth stat print.

Birth stat print hanging on the wall of smiling baby girl

Mother of Wilde is renowned for its modern, faith-based designs. Inspired by motherhood, the brand incorporates delicate typography into its birth prints. Before embarking on your birth stat print project, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the aesthetics and design elements that make Mother of Wildes's prints and memorials so distinctive.

Choosing the Perfect Design:

When designing your birth stat print, consider incorporating elements that reflect your personal style and preferences. Explore the brand's portfolio of designs and overall layout.

Mother of Wilde offers two main design styles.

Each of their birth print styles comes with a faith-based option. Their Biblical birth prints include a bible scripture of your choice, while their Traditional birth prints do not include scripture.

Selecting Meaningful Details:

Mother of Wilde's birth stat prints include important intimate details about the baby's birth, such as name, birth date, time of birth, weight, and length. Meaning of name, birth location, birth flower, season of birth, and birthstone are a few other personalized touches that make your birth stat print even more special. These additional elements will elevate the print's significance and make it a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Birth print of a baby sitting on a shelf

Customizing Your Print and Image:

Mother of Wilde designs often allow for further customization with your child's photo. They offer a gentle facial retouching and, even, the option for a blurred background on your image. Get inspiration from Mother of Wilde's online Instagram community, where you can view other photo prints they have made. Their custom birth posters can be printed in a classic black and white, or brought to life with color in a soft hues.

Professional Printing and Framing:

Mother of Wilde's Giclee prints are produced with premium, acid-free, lignin-free paper, making them highly resistant to aging. They use ink-jet printing to create a fluid finish ensuring accurate colors and crisp details, paired with high-quality paper. To ensure your 11" x 14" birth stat print looks its best, consider having it professionally framed. Choosing a suitable frame that complements the design and fits well with your home decor will further enhance the visual appeal of the print.

Displaying Your Birth Stat Print:

Once your birth stat print is ready, find the perfect spot to display it in your home. Consider a nursery room or common living space. Creating a dedicated wall gallery that showcases this print along with other meaningful artwork and photographs. This will not only serve as a beautiful focal point but also create a personalized and heartwarming atmosphere in your living space.

Custom 11"x14" birth stat print hanging in frame on the wall

Mother of Wilde's ministry began in Wilmington, North Carolina and was founded by bereaved parents, Moria and Brian Rooney. What started as child loss memorial gifts and prints, quickly spread to custom birth stat prints for living children. Their prints are made to celebrate new life, Mother of Wilde's Birth Stats Poster Print features space for one photo of your new addition, printed edge-to-edge, with customizable text space for all the details that make them unique. Available in 11 x 14".

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