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Birth Stat Prints and Baby Memorials

At Mother of Wilde, we have been wanting to release a more simple, yet personalized, birth print and memorial for awhile now. So happy to finally share it with you!

  • Size 11" x 14"

  • Textured, linen card stock - 216gsm weight

  • Orders are shipped within 3 business days

  • Free shipping in the United States

Customized Birth Prints

This personalized birth print is special to put in a baby's nursery or to give as a memorial keepsake to parents that have lost a child. It is a special gift to new parents.

Our premium paper has a textured matte appearance and is not shiny. This customized birth print includes:

  • baby/child's name

  • time of birth

  • birthday

  • birth length

  • weight at birth

  • birth flower

  • birth stone

  • and season of birth

All of our custom prints come in classic black and white with the option to blur the background. Since this print can also be gifted as a stillbirth or pregnancy loss memorial, we offer the option to gently edit your photo prior to printing.

Here's a close up of the details.

We are grateful that families trust us every day to make their most special keepsakes. Our ministry started off specifically making prints for stillbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and early infant loss after the death of our son. We expanded in 2022 with custom prints for living children as well as our baby loss memorials.

We cherish making birth prints and memorials for families. Create a meaningful custom photo print in minutes and have it in days. We would be happy to create a print with your most-loved photo of your child.

Woman standing on a dirt road in a red dress

Mother of Wilde makes personalized birth stat prints that highlight every detail of your child's birth. Their Christian ministry was founded in 2021 and started after their son was born still.

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