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At a Total Loss Podcast with Moria Rooney and Katherine Lazar

Any opportunity to share about my son, Noah and my faith in God is a win for me. Thank you Katherine Lazar for having me on your podcast, At A Total Loss.

Katherine, you are such a gift to the loss community. The way you are connecting with bereaved moms as they navigate stillbirth, grief and survival is beautiful. You are allowing mothers to share their baby's story in such a raw, vulnerable, and transparent way. We all know that the journey through child loss is not filled will rainbows and wildflowers.

There is such an incredible need for hope and light to be poured into this community and what you are doing to honor your son Brody is very admirable. I pray that God continues to expand your business and bring new listeners struggling after child loss to your podcast.

It's such an honor to work alongside you with Mother of Wilde as we continue to point people to God, even after losing a baby. What a privilege it is for us to speak life over moms that are struggling in their grief and to set an example that they too can do something to honor their baby when they are ready.

Brody, you have one incredible mom. What she is doing to remember you through At A Total Loss Podcast is so special. Your name lives on. Your story continues to be shared. Look at the impact you are making and know how incredibly missed you are.

Click here to listen to me on the At A Total Loss Podcast with Katherine Lazar or listen below.

In this podcast, I share how my faith in Jesus changed before and after my son Noah Wilde was stillborn on March 9, 2021. I talk about about choosing to faithfully trust God in the unknown, questioning and heartbreaking pain.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Hope vs. hopelessness

  • Being in an isolated space after your child dies

  • What role you play in your own grief

  • Finding help in your suffering

  • Questioning your belief systems

  • Digging yourself out of the depression hole

  • Emotional pain vs. physical pain

  • Experiencing hope through walking with God

  • Turning your pain into your purpose

  • God's calling on your life

  • How Mother of Wilde began and what they do

Katherine Lazar is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is the Founder of At A Total Loss Podcast, which she started only five months after her son Brody was born still. Brody was born on January 18, 2022. You can listen to At A Total Loss Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, or anywhere else you like to listen to your podcasts.

Mom and dad and son holding hands on the beach

This blog was written by Moria Rooney, Founder of Mother of Wilde. Christ-follower, wife and mother of three. Click here to listen to more episodes on the At A Total Loss Podcast. There are new episodes every week, offering real talk with loss moms that are meant to inspire and support anyone through losing a child.

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