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Abortion Regret: Resources Pre-Abortion and Post-Abortion

Are you coping with regret after an abortion? Maybe it was years, months, weeks or even days ago.

Our pro-life ministry, Mother of Wilde, offers remembrance prints to mothers who have had an abortion. God loves you and we do, too.

Our post-abortive memorial is a beautiful way to honor your baby and offer hope that through Jesus you can see them again one day. Don't walk with shame or guilt anymore.

post abortion remembrance gift

At Mother of Wilde, we believe life begins at conception and even the smallest of lives deserve to be celebrated. We believe that every life is worth honoring because every life is a gift from our Creator, Jesus Christ. We, also, believe that your baby is with Jesus in Heaven.

If you're currently pregnant and considering abortion, we have many resources to point you to.

Let Them Live is a faith-based organization that gives women in crisis the option to choose life for their babies.

73% of women have abortions because of financial burden.

They feel forced into choosing abortion because of this circumstance, and are often surrounded by “friends and family” that tell them that having an abortion is their only choice.

Let Them Live helps moms during their pregnancies by assisting them with their basic needs, such as rent, utilities, and groceries if they agree to cancel their abortion.

Among their emotional symptoms, women in this study cited long term depression (44%), feelings of loss (31%), shame (27%) and even phobic responses to infants (13%).

42% of those women said the adverse psychological effects of abortion continued for over 10 years.

The most frequently cited long-term response, especially among those who felt coerced to abort, was a continued feeling of guilt. Fantasies about the aborted baby was the next most frequently mentioned experience.

In one post-abortive study, half of the women referred to their abortions as "murder".

44% of mothers voiced regret about their decision to abort.

As a mother who has experienced unexpected loss of a child in my first trimester and then again when I was 8 months pregnant with my son, Noah, I understand the pain of losing a child.

mom holding the hand of her stillborn baby

Although, I've never had an abortion, I'm sure that the feelings of grief, pain, and depression are similar to mothers who have lost a child not by choice.

For me, the loss of my baby at 9 weeks was difficult. But, nothing quite as heartbreaking as birthing my dead son and knowing he wouldn't be born alive and full of life.

The grief to each loss was unbearable when I was in that season.

The feelings I had shortly after losing my children were similar to the women in the post-abortive study above.

I went through a wide range of emotions - angry with God, angry with myself, angry with doctors, depressed, full of guilt, shame, and confusion.

I felt like I could have done something differently to save them.

In the weeks and months after my babies died, I couldn't even pull myself together enough to attend baby showers of those closest to me.

Pregnancy announcements were a trigger for me and they seemed endless. Birth announcements, again, brought all of the emotions back to the surface.

The physical recovery felt much quicker than the mental and emotional rollercoaster I was on. That pain seemed to last for much longer and, if I wasn't careful, it really could have taken over my life.

Leading me into a deep, downward spiral with no return.

One of the reasons, I founded Mother of Wilde was to offer support and hope to grieving parents. I was able to grieve with other families that lost a child as I, too, was grieving.

This ministry gave me a creative outlet to connect with other bereaved families in the loss community. It gave me opportunities to share about my babies and tell their story. By creating baby memorial prints, I was able to help families preserve their babies memory and showcase them in a delicate way.

Mother of Wilde originally started with custom prints for families who lost a child from miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Since then we've expanded to include abortion, suicide, and remembrance prints for adolescent.

Prolonged grieving after abortion

At Mother of Wilde, we walk with families who have lost a child as they learn to navigate their pain and grief while bringing hope and healing through our faith-based prints. Please reach out to us via the Contact page if you need additional prayer or support resources.


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