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9 Common myths about grief

Grieving the death of a child feels unnatural probably because it is unnatural. The grief around losing a child is an intimate journey with no time frame.

Below are 9 common myths about grief:

  1. Women grieve more than men.

  2. Grief happens in orderly stages.

  3. Grief gets better over time.

  4. All grief is the same, regardless of the kind of loss.

  5. The first year is the hardest.

  6. If you feel joy, you are dishonoring your loved one.

  7. Grief has an endpoint.

  8. If you're not crying, you're not really grieving.

  9. If your faith was stronger than you wouldn’t be struggling as much

While the world tells us not to openly mourn or talk about grief, the word tells us that even Jesus wept over his friend Lazarus’ death.

“Jesus wept.” John‬ ‭11:35‬ ‭‬

The shortest verse in the Bible and the most impactful. Allow your heart to feel. Keep open communication with your spouse. You will grieve differently and at different times. Continue to praise God in the confusion, questions, and unknown.

Woman holding a remembrance print of her child.


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