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3 Meaningful condolence gifts for grieving loved ones

A gift for a parent who just lost a child is probably one of the most difficult gifts to give. While simply spending quality time with someone who is grieving is a great way to support them, often the right gift can also offer some comfort.

"Giving a gift isn't necessary. But during a time of mourning, especially the death of a child, giving a gift is memorable", says Moria Rooney, Founder of Mother of Wilde. "When you can't physically be there for a loved one, a gift carries significant weight and meaning."

Sending a floral arrangement or a plant when someone has passed away is a traditional gift choice. Choosing a custom gift that intentionally honors the memory of their son or daughter is priceless.

Here are 3 of the best gifts of 2022 for people coping with the loss of a child.

Customized print of stillborn baby boy

1. Custom Photo Print - $39

A photo remembrance print is one of our favorite ways to honor the memory of a child. Through Mother of Wilde's easy-to-use service, you can have a custom 11"x14" memorial print shipped anywhere in the country in 2-3 days. Choose from 20 template designs for any type of baby or child loss. Every print is one-of-a-kind and custom to each child. This is a cherished gift idea for any grieving parent. Create a custom print here.


Handwritten 11"x14" print in frame

2. Handwritten Keepsake - $39 If you are looking for unique sympathy gifts, then a handwriting keepsake is a gift that will be remembered. Mother of Wilde offers a timeless way to preserve a special note or drawing by turning it into a premium art piece that you can frame. By using museum-quality, archival paper, your sentimental notes will be preserved for years to come. Click here to shop their handwritten keepsakes.


Personalized child loss sweatshirt

3. Personalized Apparel - $43

Send a personalized sweatshirt or t-shirt to someone grieving. Mother of Wilde offers neutral-colored apparel, all uni-sex fit that can be gifted to bereaved moms or dads. The Classic Name Sweatshirt is a best seller. This fleece pullover comes personalized with the child's name and birth date. Sizes range from small to 3XL in most of their remembrance apparel.


Whether you choose a gift that helps your friend through the grieving process or one that honors the memory of their loved one, remember that condolence gifts are a symbol of your support, acknowledgment, and love.

Newborn baby boy drinking out of a bottle

Mother of Wilde was created by bereaved parents to honor their son, Noah Wilde, who was born silently on March 9, 2021. Their North Carolina company specializes in custom photo prints for miscarriage, stillbirth, infant, and child loss. Their products have reached bereaved moms and dads across the country and internationally. Learn more about our ministry's mission.

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