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11x14 Personalized Stillborn Print

Mother of Wilde made a memorable keepsake for the new parents of Elodie Haru Ansari, who was stillborn on October 20, 2021. Elodie's parents chose our Modern Silhouette template in size 11"x14".

Our creative team took the birth photo of Elodie and gently edited her chin. We then removed the background so her face and hospital blanket was the main focus of the design. After slightly rotating her picture, we included her full name, italicized, in the top left corner.

This stillborn memorial print also included faith-based scripture from Psalm 71:14 which reads, "But I will hope continually and will praise you more and more".

Looking for quality photo prints that ship in 72 hours? Contact us! We would be happy to create a print with your most-loved photo of your child. Mother of Wilde offers museum-quality prints for grieving families.

Woman standing on a dirt road in a red dress

Mother of Wilde makes child remembrance prints and gifts. All gestational ages can be lovingly printed. Their ministry is Christ-centered, family-owned and based Wilmington, North Carolina.

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