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11 Gift Ideas for Honoring Your Baby in Heaven

Losing a baby is devestating. Often times, completely unexpected. Know that it's natural to want to find ways to honor and remember your baby.

As mother to a stillborn baby, I've walked this road. That's why it's incredibly important for me to share my list of ideas to remember your baby who isn't here. These have helped me honor my son, Noah, and I pray they bring you some comfort, too.

Here are 11 ideas for honoring a baby in heaven:

  1. Plant a tree or flowers in their memory. Maybe you choose a fruit tree like blueberry that will steadily produce more fruit each season or perhaps, you'd rather choose your baby's birth flower. Each year my husband and I buy a plant on Noah's birthday and watch it bloom through-out the year.

  2. Create a memorial garden or a special place in your home to honor the baby. This can be an indoor or outdoor space in your home. If you have living children, be sure to include them in making the space cherished.

  3. Donate to a charity or organization in your child's memory. If you have a specific organization that walked you through grief, you may feel led to donate back to them. There are many pregnancy and infant loss organizations you can support in honor of your baby.

  4. Create a memory box or photo album. A shadow box is a special way to include all of your child's keepsakes in one place. For me, when Noah passed away, I wanted all of his things in a personalized wooden name box in our living room. This way I could take them out whenever I wanted.

  5. Write a letter to your baby. This is one of my favorite ways to honor a baby in heaven. Writing can be extremely healing and envoke many emotions. Use a journal and date your letters to your baby. Write to them on milestones, or just because.

  6. Light a candle or hold a candlelighting ceremony. This is a beautiful way to include extended family in the remembrance of your child. Have people you love light a candle for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day, your child's due date, your child's birthday, or any other date that is significant to your child.

  7. Get a remembrance tattoo. This type of tattoo can be a meaningful and personal way to remember and honor the baby. Baby remembrance tattoos can take many forms, such as the baby's name or initials or a meaningful quote or saying.

  8. Create a memorial print to honor your baby. Baby memorial prints can be a comforting and meaningful way to remember and honor a baby who has passed away. They can provide a tangible reminder of their love and connection to the baby. These prints can be gifted to loved ones who want to remember and honor their baby.

  9. Share the baby's name and story with others. I believe, the most important thing you can do to honor your baby is to share their story. Share about your pregnancy. Share about their life, no matter how long or short it may be. Their name deserves to be spoken and their photo deserves to be shared.

  10. Get a piece of jewlery to honor your baby. Personalized jewelry is a simple yet meaningful way to remember a child who has passed away. This type of jewelry can take many forms, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, and can be personalized with the child's name, intials, or birth flower.

  11. Seek support. After Noah died, we had an outpouring support from loved ones and our church community. Months after Noah passed, we had more connections to the pregnancy and infant loss community and support groups. I highly recommend getting connected with faith-based resources that allow for more opportunities to talk about your child.

It is important to find ways to honor and remember your baby that feel meaningful and comforting to you.

mom holding her newborn daughter

This article is written by Mother of Wilde founder, Moria Rooney. Moria is a wife and mother of three. She has a passion for ministering to others and sharing the love of Christ. After her son was born still, she felt a calling to serve others and to spread the word of God, and eventually decided to pursue a career in ministry. Her focus is reaching bereaved parents and families in need. Mother of Wilde offers hope, prayer, biblical encouragement, and remembrance memorials to those that have experienced pregnancy, stillbirth or child loss.


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